The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is commanded by Captain Jonathan Schabruch, and consists of several bureaus and functions within the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office. The Major Crimes Bureau and the Property Investigations Bureau are the investigative components of the Sheriff’s Office, where detectives specialized in investigating various crimes identify and apprehend the criminals responsible. These bureaus also include personnel that specialize in evidence collection to aid in prosecution of cases. The third bureau is the Alachua County Traffic, Interdiction and Organized Narcotics (and Violent Crimes Unit) also, known as ACTION, which oversees narcotics-related crimes and investigations. The Criminal Investigations Division also houses a Data Support Administrator and the False Alarm Reduction Unit.

Criminal Investigations Division Commander – Captain Jonathan Schabruch

Data Support Administrator

The Data Support Administrator conducts advanced data analysis and evaluation for ASO and agencies supported through the Combined Communications Center by identifying trends and developing strategies for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the agency’s operational units. In addition, this position is responsible for data analysis that supports the Investigations Support Unit.

False Alarm Reduction Unit

The False Alarm Reduction Unit (FARU) was established to regulate and reduce the number of false alarms within the city of Gainesville and unincorporated areas of Alachua County. FARU administers the Alachua County and city of Gainesville alarm ordinances from one central office within the Combined Communications Center. FARU’s main function is to reduce the number of false alarms that law enforcement and firefighters respond to each year.