The Support Bureau is comprised of the Fleet Maintenance Unit, the Evidence Section, and the Property/Facilities Unit.

Fleet Maintenance Unit

The Fleet Maintenance Unit is responsible for acquiring, maintaining, and disposing of all agency vehicles, and their duties include the aftermarket installation of all necessary emergency equipment. The unit maintains over 500 cars, trucks, motorcycles, and specialized vehicles. The bulk of the Fleet Maintenance Unit’s budget is devoted to the purchasing and outfitting of vehicles, fuel costs, and the repair of assigned agency vehicles.

The Fleet Maintenance Unit is also responsible for inspecting citizen’s vehicles that have received a safety equipment violation ticket. The vehicle with the deficiency corrected can be brought to the Fleet section at 2621 SE Hawthorne Road, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (excluding holidays). The vehicle must be presented within 30 days of the date the ticket was written. The 30 days includes weekends and holidays. A $4.00 cash fine (paid at the Records Bureau window in the main building lobby) is due at time of inspection and the balance of the fine is paid at the Courthouse. The Sheriff’s Office cannot give an extension on the ticket, nor can they inspect the vehicle after the 30 days have expired. The Sheriff’s Office will inspect safety violation tickets written by other Florida law enforcement agencies.

Evidence Section

The Evidence Section takes in and stores case evidence in addition to lost and abandoned property.

A successful criminal prosecution depends on how evidence is handled and preserved. Evidence must be packaged properly, documented accurately, and stored correctly. If errors occur, or the “chain of custody” is compromised, criminals can go free, putting the community and its citizens at risk. When a case is over and the evidence is no longer needed, every attempt is made to return items to the rightful owner. There are over 70,000 individual pieces of evidence and lost or abandoned property currently held in the Evidence Section; approximately 900 new items are received and processed each month.

To claim evidence, lost or abandoned property, you must have picture ID and proof of ownership. Citizens claiming currency, jewelry, medications and firearms must make an appointment with the Evidence Unit to schedule their return.  If the property was evidence in a case there must also be authorization from the State Attorney’s Office before any item can be released.

Additional questions about recovered/lost/abandoned property should be directed to the Evidence Section at (352) 367-4076.

Property/Facilities Unit

The Property/Facilities Unit is the central receiving and distribution point for all supplies, deliveries, and package pickups for the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office. The unit serves the agency with two stores for distribution of supplies: one at the Main Administration Building and one at the Department of the Jail, and also serves as the liaison with County Facilities for any building maintenance needs.

The unit’s primary responsibilities are:

  • Outfitting all newly hired deputies. It also issues replacement items and keeps track of all of the specialized equipment that is issued to ASO’s Special Teams (SWAT, Bomb, MO/URT, etc.).
  • Creating and maintaining ASO inventories. When an item (Fixed Asset) is received, it is assigned a property number, and entered into the agency’s financial management program. The item is then delivered to the receiving unit and inventoried on an annual basis.
  • Inspecting weapons housed in the armory for operational readiness.
  • Controlling all building keys.
  • Acquiring, maintaining, and distributing office supplies and general stock for all of the agency’s buildings.
  • Overseeing the general maintenance and upkeep of the Administration Complex, to include the Fleet and Combined Communication Center buildings.
  • Coordinate with the County and vendors for any large projects related to the Sheriff’s Office building(s).