All requests to hire ACSO employees for extra duty must be made to the Extra Duty Coordinator by calling (352) 367-4054.

The following information must be provided: date, time and location of the event; duration and nature/type of event, as well as the expected attendance. The request should be submitted at least seven days prior to the date of the requested job. Emergency requests can also be made, if necessary, by speaking to the Extra Duty Coordinator.

Frequently Asked Questions. . .

What types of extra duty events can I hire a Deputy or Field Service Technician (FST) to work?

Security Details

  • Special Events
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Businesses

Traffic Control

  • Church Services
  • Concerts
  • Sporting Events
  • School Events
  • Road Construction


Funeral Escorts

  • Funeral Escorts

What types of restrictions and rules cover extra duty events ?

  • Events serving alcohol must be approved by the Sheriff.
  • The number of deputies/FST’s required to be hired is contingent upon the expected attendance, safety and nature of the event.
  • Deputies/FST’s may not work outside of Alachua County.
  • There is a minimum payment of three (3) hours per deputy required for each event.
  • Payment may be required up front.
  • Notification of any cancellation has to be made at least three (3) hours prior to the event to avoid being charged.
  • The Alachua County Sheriff reserves the right to decline/cancel requests for Extra Duty at any time.

The following forms must be completed, signed and returned to the Extra Duty Coordinator via email to or faxed to (352) 374-1810, before the request will be reviewed for approval:

Extra Duty Worksheet

Indemnification Agreement

Extra Duty Funeral Escort Request (For Funeral Escorts Only)