The Patrol Operations Division is comprised of Uniform Patrol, Field Service Technicians, the Rural Services Unit and School Crossing Guards and effective October 2, 2023, is commanded by Captains Josh Crews and Joe VanGorder.

Patrol Operations Division Commander – Captain Joe VanGorder
Patrol Operations Division Commander – Captain Josh Crews

Uniform Patrol

Uniform Patrol is responsible for general law enforcement duties and preventative patrol. Uniform Patrol deputies handle the primary response to calls for service, traffic enforcement, street-level vice and narcotics enforcement, preliminary and follow-up investigations, and proactive patrol.

The men and women of Uniform Patrol are assigned to one of two teams that are each divided into three separate shifts. Uniform Patrol deputies work 12-hour shifts to provide services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Rural Services Unit

Our Rural Services Unit consists of two deputies who work daily to educate the community on how to properly care for their livestock. They routinely make contact in the community with local farmers and attend meetings to make sure they are up to date on agricultural crimes. During their contacts, they are routinely asked for assistance in helping to relocate animals that can no longer be cared for by their owners. When this happens, we have resources available to reach out to assist with placement, and work closely with the Public Information Office to share images via our social media accounts.

Field Service Technicians

Field Service Technicians are available to assist citizens with non-emergency calls for service. Field Service Technicians assist with the School Crossing Guard Program by conducting their new-hire training and annual certifications. 

School Crossing Guards

School Crossing Guards are assigned to Elementary and Middle Schools within Alachua County to ensure the safety of the children in designated School Crossing Zones.  These Sheriff’s Office employees are not only enhance awareness around our schools, but also serve as a familiar, friendly face for students and parents every morning and afternoon.