The False Alarm Reduction Unit (FARU) was created on behalf of and to administer the alarm ordinances for the governments of Alachua County and the City of Gainesville. The main function of FARU is to reduce the number of false alarms to which law enforcement and fire-rescue respond each year. Since its inception, FARU, in partnership with alarm companies and alarm site operators, has reduced the false alarm rate in our community by 75 percent! This reduction means more first responders are available when actual emergencies occur – and we all benefit from that.

FARU licenses alarm companies, registers alarm users, sends notification of false alarms, bills for false alarm occurrences, ensures that appropriate inspections and upgrades of alarm systems occur, and handles informal appeals regarding ordinance-based user fees.

Visit to download the alarm permit application. Email the completed permit to to be granted an account number. They will reply to you with payment instructions. Your permit is not valid until payment is received.

For more information about the FARU, please visit their website at