Seniors vs. Crime is a Florida Attorney General’s Office program, housed at the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office so local seniors can benefit from the services provided.

Founded in 1989 by the Attorney General and the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), the program uses retired volunteers to educate Floridians on consumer fraud and also to help in some consumer investigations.

Senior volunteers, called “Senior Sleuths,” provide hours of dedicated service, free of charge.

The primary goal of the Seniors vs Crime Project is to reduce the victimization of senior citizens who are often targeted for specific crimes or scams based on their age. The project accomplishes this goal by providing various educational and crime prevention programs to senior citizen groups; investigating complaints and seeking restitution for seniors in appropriate instances and by providing investigative agencies with senior volunteers to assist them with specific investigations.

The Seniors vs Crime project handles thousands of cases for seniors every year. Since the opening of local project offices in 2001, they have handled more than 39,000 cases and recovered over $16,000,000 in real dollars plus over $12,000,000 in realized gain for Florida seniors.

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