Property Crimes Unit

The Property Crimes Unit includes detectives who investigate cases involving burglary, theft, and felony criminal mischief.

Financial Crimes Unit

The Financial Crimes Unit consists of detectives who investigate cases involving credit card fraud, identity theft, schemes to defraud, and other white collar crimes. They work closely with the United States Secret Service, financial institutions, and local businesses to identify and charge suspects in these crimes.

Intelligence Led Policing Unit

The Intelligence Led Policing Unit includes Crime Analysts, data-driven employees that provide investigative and analytical support to all areas of ASO. They compile and disseminate crime and intelligence data to identify crime trends and enable the agency to focus resources effectively. They also share information with other law enforcement agencies and the Florida Fusion Center. 

There are also Investigators assigned to the ILP Unit that focus on actionable intelligence and Prolific Offenders within Alachua County.  In addition, a Sex Offender Detective is responsible for monitoring sex offenders in Alachua County, regularly checking to those offenders are living at registered addresses as required by law and abiding by their court-imposed sanctions. Another detective is specifically assigned to cases involving firearms used illegally and works closely with the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF). This detective monitors pawnshops, secondhand dealers, and scrap yards that operate in Alachua County. The unit also includes a detective assigned to the FBI Safe Streets Task Force that conducts major investigations involving criminal gangs.