The Booking Support Bureau is a 24-hour operation staffed by civilian employees. The Bureau supports the admission and release duties of the Security Operations Division and the classification and follow up functions of the Classification Unit. Staff assigned to this area must input booking and release related data based on set criteria to facilitate the accuracy of criminal history information maintained by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. In addition, the Booking Support Bureau is responsible for a myriad of other administrative processes ranging from handling inmate property, mail, and money to coordinating court events and conducting sex offender/predator registrations.

First Appearance

All new arrestees appear before a judge within 24 hours of intake. The First Appearance proceeding is held via closed circuit television with arrestees (defendants) remaining at the jail. Family or persons who wish to attend the proceeding must attend at the Criminal Courthouse (220 South Main Street) and are not allowed into the jail courtroom. Normal First Appearance proceedings are held at 0900 each weekday morning and at 0930 on weekends and holidays for criminal cases. Arrestees who are judicially released during the proceeding will be released following final processing, which can take several hours.

Inmate Property

The Inmate Handbook describes items that can be kept in the possession of inmates and can be brought into the facility from outside sources such as family members, friends, or attorneys, upon approval.

Inmates may have the following items in their possession:

  • One (1) each: mattress, blanket, pillow, pillowcase, towel, wash cloth, uniform (general population), *gym shorts (white only), *thermal underwear (white only), *sweatshirt (gray only), Bible or Koran, address book, prescription eye glasses
  • One (1) pair each: shower slides (jail issued), *canvas shoes, tennis shoes (trusty only)
  • Two (2) each: sheets
  • Five (5) each: *brassieres (sports bra, white only/no under-wire) women only, underwear (white only), *t-shirts (white only w/sleeves, no tank-top style), *socks (white only)
  • Toothpaste/toothbrush, comb, soap, feminine hygiene items, as appropriate
  • Two (2) each: library books
  • One (1) jacket issued to outside trusties only
  • One (1) tub container to hold allowed items

NOTE: Issued items are jail property; items with an asterisk (*) can be obtained from the commissary.

  • Inmates may keep a black pen, writing tablet, and a reasonable amount of legal materials and letters.
  • Inmates may keep a moderate sized, plain religious cross or medallion and a wedding band, if in possession upon arrest. These items may not have stones of any kind in them.
  • Inmates may request specific items from their stored personal property by completing an Inmate Property Request form; these forms can be obtained through the Housing Unit Officers. Inmate property requests must be approved by the Security Operations Division Captain, or, if requested for medical reasons, by the facility physician and the Security Operations Division Captain.
  • One (1) complete set of dress clothes for court (upon request of inmate’s attorney) or trial will be accepted and stored in the Property Room until needed. Hand-delivered packages, other than court clothes or other items with the Security Operations Division approval, will not be accepted.

Property for inmates will not be accepted during visitation and no items will be transferred between a visitor and an inmate.

Inmate Property and Money Release

Inmates may release their personal property items to relatives, friends, attorneys, etc. by completing and signing a Property Release Authorization form; these forms can be obtained through the Housing Unit Officers.

Inmates are allowed one (1) special request release of their personal property to specified individuals during their incarceration.  These requests are used if a specific item needs to be released, such as vehicle keys, cell phone, etc.  Otherwise, an inmate must release all of his/her property when conducting a property release, with the exception of one set of clothes to be worn at release.

Upon sentencing to the Department of Corrections, inmates are encouraged to release all of their stored personal property to a family member or friend prior to transport; this will be accomplished in the same manner as above. In this case, all property should be released as inmates will be transported in uniform and will not require any of their personal clothing.

Inmates may release money from their Inmate Trust Fund account by completing a Money Release Authorization form; these forms can be obtained through the Housing Unit Officers.

Money can be released from an inmate’s account one (1) time during their incarceration and must be requested 24 hours in advance to allow for processing.

Inmate Release

The inmate release process is a cooperative effort of the Clerk of the Court, Security, and Booking staff; several steps and verifications are required.  Several factors can delay the release of an inmate and must be rectified prior to allowing the inmate’s release.  The following factors can delay inmate releases:

  • Inconsistencies or errors on court documents
  • Registration and/or testing requirements
  • Active warrants or other open processes
  • Delays in receiving documents due to heavy court dockets
  • Holds or detainers in other jurisdictions
  • Electronic monitoring requirements
  • Hearings held after bond posting such as Nebbia hearings that must be done before release
  • Establishment of acceptable living arrangements as required by the judge
  • Medical emergencies, fights, lock-downs, technical issues affecting jail security   


The Registration Office handles felon, career offender, and sex offender/predator registrations, and is located in the Department of the Jail Lobby. The Registration Office operates during the hours of 11:00am to 7:00pm Monday through Friday, and is closed on weekends and holidays. Registrants must present current picture identification and should anticipate the registration process to take between 20 to 30 minutes for completion. If it is necessary to contact the Registration Office by telephone, staff can be reached at (352) 491-4496.