Marcos Cruz

Incident Date: 1984/1985

Circumstances: Marcos Cruz was between 2-3 years old when he was abandoned on the streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico at the direction of the matriarch of an extremist religious cult in 1984/1985. The cult operated in Micanopy, Florida, between 1983-1992.

Case #s 01-17442, 17-2635, 16-12184

Emon Harper

Incident Date: 1988/1989

Circumstances: Emon Harper, also known as, “Moses Young” is believed to have been starved and beaten to death at the age of 2 or 3, and his body disposed of in a burn barrel on the property of an extremist religious cult in 1988 or 1989.

Case #s 92-18000, 17-5490, 16-12184

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Heather Ann MacCrossen

Incident Date: 08-17-07

Circumstances: Heather was returning to Florida from Michigan on a bus. She was supposed to get off in Lake City, Florida but may have continued to Gainesville. She was last heard from on the phone when she got off the bus. Detectives charged Andrelo Witcher in the case, and he was convicted of manslaughter at trial.

Case # 08-13657

Jemal McGowan

Incident Date: 12-31-94

Circumstances: Jemal was found on 12-31-94 on the street in front of his residence, 1415 SW 42nd Street.

Case # 94-23939

Catherine Rochelle

Incident Date: 6-17-82

Circumstances: Catherine was found 06-17-82 in her home at 3414 SE 16th Avenue, killed by an intruder. Detectives developed information to charge the suspect, now deceased as well.

Case # 13983-82

Ralph Tufano

Date Found: 2/12/1979
Estimated Date of Death: 1976-1978
Age: 30’s
Race: White
Sex: Male

Circumstances: On 2/12/1979, the remains of an unknown white male were found in the woods off State Road 236, along with brown tie-up shoes, brown pants, a light colored short-sleeved shirt, and a light blue windbreaker jacket. Genetic genealogy and advanced DNA processing led to the identification of Ralph Tufano.

Case # 79-2218


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Ella Mae Williams

Date Found: 3/21/2001

Circumstances: On 3/21/2001, skeletal remains were found in the woods, east of SE 35th Street, near Trout Lake. The remains were recently identified as Williams’ by officials.

Case # 01-3566


Sheriff’s Press Conference