1) How do I apply to become a Reserve Deputy?

Answer: Reserve Unit applicants will submit their applications through the Careers hyperlink. Reserve Unit supervisory personnel use an online application system used by Human Resources (HR) to review and screen applicants. The process is the same as the pre-hire process for full-time deputies.

2) What is the minimum time commitment after training?

Answer: There is a minimum volunteered time of 32 hours per calendar quarter in order to maintain status as a Reserve Deputy and a quarterly meeting.

3) After my initial field training is complete am I able to volunteer in different areas of the Sheriff’s Office?

Answer: Reserve Deputy II’s may volunteer in several areas within ACSO including Uniform Patrol, Court Security, etc. with the approval of the Patrol Operations Division’s Administrative Lieutenant/Captain or Department of Operations Major and affected Division Commander.

4) Do you provide all equipment necessary for me to work as a Reserve Deputy?

Answer: Yes, all uniforms and equipment are provided including firearm, taser, body armor, etc. Auxiliary Deputies, Reserve Deputies I and Reserve Deputies II shall be issued the same equipment as a full-time deputy with the exception of a patrol vehicle, laptop computer, body-worn camera, and portable radio.

5) Is time spent working in the Reserve Unit considered volunteering with no financial compensation for my time?

Answer: Yes, however Reserve Deputies may become eligible to work paid extra-duty details and are compensated for court time and deposition testimony.

6) Am I required to live in Alachua County to be a Reserve Deputy?

Answer: No, however, you would need to reside close enough to actively participate in the program.