1) So let me understand what a Reserve Deputy can do. You mean after I successfully complete the required training and background check , I can perform the same duties of a full time Deputy Sheriff?

Answer: YES. If you have completed the full police academy training and field training program, Reserve Deputies class II and IV would be eligible to patrol in uniform in a marked patrol car along with another Reserve / Full Time Deputy Sheriff.  Reserve Deputy II class must always work under the supervision of a Full Time Deputy or Reserve Deputy class V. Reserve Deputy class V are eligible to work solo.

2) How do I apply to become a Reserve Deputy?

Answer: Applicants should first complete the Reserve Unit Applicant Preliminary Questionnaire. Captain Miller will review the questionnaire and contact you prior to starting the online application process through the ACSO.

Reserve Unit applicants will submit their applications through the Careers hyperlink. Reserve Unit supervisory personnel will utilize the iCIMS application system used by Human Resources (HR) to review and screen applicants. Well-qualified applicants will then be selected for interviews to be conducted by at least a three (3) member Oral Board comprised of Reserve Unit supervisors and/or senior personnel. Applicants recommended for appointment to the Reserve Unit will have their application forwarded to HR for background investigation, physical agility and the remainder of the pre-appointment process, the same as the pre-hire process for full-time deputies.

3) What is the minimum time commitment after training?

Answer: There is a monthly meeting and a minimum volunteered time of 32 hours per calendar quarter.

4) After my initial field training is complete am I able to volunteer in different areas of the Sheriff’s Office?

Answer: Yes, you may volunteer in several areas within ACSO including Uniform Patrol, Court Security, etc.

5) Do you provide all equipment necessary for me to work as a Reserve Deputy?

Answer: Yes, all uniforms and equipment are provided including firearm, taser, body armor, etc.

6) Is time spent working in the Reserve Unit considered volunteering with no financial compensation for my time?

Answer: Yes, however Reserve Deputies may become eligible to work paid extra-duty details and are compensated for court time and deposition testimony.

 7) What if I am already a Florida Certified Law Enforcement Officer?

Answer:  Fully CJSTC certified officers whose FL certification has not lapsed are eligible to apply to come into the program as a Reserve II and begin the field training program.

 8) What if I am a retired or career change (from law enforcement to civilian job)  law enforcement officer and would like to become a Reserve Deputy to maintain my certification, however I do not have an interest in working in Uniform Patrol very much, but would like to work in other divisions, is that an option?

Answer: Fully CJSTC certified officers, especially those with extensive experience or specialized training may be permitted to volunteer the majority of their time in divisions of ACSO other than Uniform Patrol Division. You are encouraged to contact the Reserve Division Commander to discuss your background and options.

9) Am I required to live in Alachua County to be a Reserve Deputy?

Answer: No, however, you would need to reside close enough to actively participate in the program.