The Transportation Bureau provides safe and secure transport of defendants/witnesses to numerous court proceedings, to protect the general public from dangerous in-custody defendants, and protect defendants from the general public. The Transport Bureau staffs each and every courtroom holding a hearing involving an inmate in our custody with officers, in addition to the Bailiffs, to maintain order in the holding cells and keep inmates safe and secure. The Transport Team is responsible for moving inmates who have been sentenced to the Department of Corrections, and transports inmates to all medical appointments outside the jail.

The Facilities Support function of this bureau provides crews to our food service provider that prepares the inmate meals, and keeps the kitchen clean. The bureau is also responsible for the facilities and provides supplies and materials necessary for 24 hour/7 days a week operation.

The bureau screens and selects inmate workers, commonly referred to as Trusties. Through this process inmates are also selected for the Sheriff’s Inmate Work Crew, which provides labor at no cost to government agencies and schools throughout the county.