The Inmate Support Bureau consists of Classification Supervisors who oversee the Classification Unit and Programs Unit. Classification consists of a Programs Assistant and Classification Caseworkers; the Programs Unit consists of a Programs Assistant, Programs Manager, Transition Specialist, Jail Diversion Specialist, Jail Release Coordinator and Chaplain.

Classification Unit

The Classification Unit is responsible for the evaluation, classification and reclassification of all inmates with consideration given to the level of security risk, potential for violence, institutional behavior and medical or mental health needs among other factors. Classification personnel assist in inmate management via casework, crisis intervention and conflict resolution. Additionally, Classification personnel are responsible for gain time (county sentenced only), tracking inmate conflicts, monitoring grievances, requests and inmates in disciplinary or administrative confinement, juvenile and infirmed inmates among other responsibilities

Jail Diversion Specialist

The Jail Diversion Specialist, funded by the Criminal Justice Mental Health Substance Abuse Grant, is responsible for screening and referring eligible inmates to various diversion programs, tracking referrals and participating as part of the forensic community’s diversion efforts including the Forensic Diversion Team.

Jail Release Coordinator

The Jail Release Coordinator is responsible for identifying and monitoring persons in jail to assure timely and effective release from custody in an effort to manage and reduce the jail population.

Jail Tours

Jail tours are coordinated through the Department of the Jail Programs Manager, Classification Supervisor and Chaplain. Tour participants are required to present picture identification. Those without proper identification will not be permitted to tour the jail. Any person under the age of 18 must have a completed parental/guardian permission slip or he/she will not be permitted to join the tour. Juveniles not permitted to tour may not wait unattended in the jail lobby for the tour to complete.