The Security Operations Division is responsible for the overall security of the Department of the Jail and overseeing the safety of personnel and inmates and effective October 2, 2023, is commanded by Captain Kyle Salman.

Captain Kyle Salman

Security Operations Shifts

Detention Deputies and Detention Officers are responsible for the management, accountability and supervision of each and every inmate detained in the Department of the Jail. Their duties involve supervising and coordinating the daily activities within the facility. Some of these duties are service of meals, recreation, visitation, inspections of housing areas for sanitation and security breaches, inmate counts, internal movement to educational and religious programs, medical clinic visits, distribution of linen and hygiene items, inmate commissary, reporting facility rule violations by inmates, resolving disputes between inmates, and response to any type of emergency situation within the jail.

Cell Extraction Response Team (CERT)

The Cell Extraction Response Team, (CERT) is a special team organized under the Security Operations Division consisting of trained Detention Officers/Deputies with special skills, training and equipment to respond to various critical incidents within the Department of the Jail and resolve high-risk inmate situations with minimal use of force, personal injury and/or property damage.