The Policy and Accreditation Unit researches, writes, edits, and promulgates the policies and procedures of the Alachua County Sheriff ’s Office into our Directive Management System, manages several accreditation processes and assists the Public Information Office with the agency’s external website. The unit is commanded by Captain Kaley Behl.

Policy and Accreditation Commander – Captain Kaley Behl

Accreditation aids a law enforcement agency’s pursuit of professional excellence by strengthening agency accountability, both internally and within the community. Accreditation builds community and governmental support, as well as employee confidence in the direction and future of the agency.

The Alachua County Sheriff ’s Office received the National Sheriffs Association’s Triple Crown Award in 2000 by simultaneously achieving CALEA, ACA, and NCCHC Accreditation. Acquiring all three at the same time is an extraordinary feat. This is a one-time award that is maintained by the agency forever.

Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation (CFA)

CFA Accreditation Logo

ASO received its initial CFA accreditation in 1997 and was reaccredited for the fifth consecutive time in 2012, achieving “Excelsior Agency” status. The last reaccreditation was held in November 2020, with the fourth Excelsior award received  in February 2021.

Florida Corrections Accreditation Commission (FCAC)

FCAC Accreditation Logo

All aspects of correctional operations are addressed through FCAC standards, including the following topics: General Administration, Written Directive System, Fiscal Services, Human Resources, Authority, Performance Evaluations, Discipline/Internal Affairs, Infectious Diseases, Training, Security and Control, Order and Discipline, Confinement, Special Operations, Admission, Classification, Release, Inmate Housing, Privileges, Programs, Clothing and Bedding, Sanitation, Hygiene, Food Service, Juveniles, Medical Section, Pharmacy, Physical Plant and Safety, Prisoner Transportation, Inmate Work, Correspondence, Sexual Abuse and Courthouse Holding Areas. The ASO Department of the Jail received its initial FCAC Accreditation in 1999 and was reaccredited for the fifth consecutive time in October 2014, achieving “Excelsior Agency” status. The last reaccreditation was held in August 2020, with the third Excelsior award received in October 2020.

Biased Policing

The Policy and Accreditation Unit ensures compliance against Biased Policing practices. More information can be found here.