The Court Security Bureau strives to provide a high degree of courteous and professional security services to all persons involved in the judicial system within Alachua County. If you have questions about what you may or may not bring to the courthouse, please call (352) 374-5239.

Weapons are not allowed inside the courthouses. Each visitor and employee is screened through a comprehensive security station, using state of the art X-ray machines and Magnetometers.

In recent years, the Court Security Bureau has seen an increase in the number of weapons that is covertly concealed within a person’s clothing or on their person. If you are coming to either courthouse, you may want to consider arriving a bit earlier as our screening procedures have been enhanced for everyone’s safety. Be prepared to remove your belt and wallet as you will be asked to place these items onto the X-Ray Machine Conveyor Belt. Other items that need to be placed onto the X-Ray Machine are listed as follows:

  • Electronic devices such as cell phones, computers and pagers.
  • Keys, tools or other metallic objects.
  • Cigarettes, lighters or any items that are wrapped with Aluminum Foil.
  • Purses, backpacks or packages.

Anyone carrying a firearm into the Courthouse is subject to arrest.

Alachua County Courthouse – Criminal Justice Center
Alachua County Courthouse -Family and Civil Justice Center